The na’e EYELASH SPOON is an ultimate solution for a beautiful and precise eyelash-styling. Forget the plucking eyelash curlers and annoying mascara-lumps! The patented na’e cosmetics technology guarantees perfect, voluminous eyelashes without lumps or residue on the eyelids. Your eyelashes will look fuller and longer! The stencil will precisely adapt to your upper and lower eyelid contours of the eyes, so you can achieve perfect all-round styling of the eyelashes. The engraved embossing on the eyelid side ensures an optimal hold while inking. Achieve professional results with the na’e EYELASH SPOON and say goodbye to smears and inaccurate results.


The na’e EYELASH SPOON is specially made to make the make-up process easier for you and to achieve better results. Thanks to the EYELASH SPOON you can grab even the finest hairs and separate them neatly. You can also achieve ideal curvature and precision while using then EYELASH SPOON. The spoon was made of 18/10 burr-free stainless steel and lies comfortably in the hand with its 15.5 cm long handle. The ergonomic template with rounded edges adapts perfectly to every eyelid. Experience the revolution in eyelash styling with the na’e EYELASH SPOON! For an even better result, we recommend the specially developed na’e mascara.


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