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The na’e EYELASH SPOON is an innovation in the beauty industry and was specially developed for flawless eyelash styling. Incredible swing, clean and precise application of the ink and perfect separation of the eyelashes! By attaching EYELASH SPOON to the eyelid, the mascara can be applied evenly from the lash line to the tips – without sticking!


na’e SWISS has revolutionized the make-up industry with the eyelash spoon.

The sensation from na’e, the EYELASH SPOON:

  • No lashes sticking together
  • Perfect swing from the roots to the tips
  • No lumps, beautiful, even eyelashes
  • Maximum length and volume
  • No discoloration of the eyelids or smudging of eye make-up
  • Natural thickening of the lash line

EYELASH SPOON the perfect way to apply mascara precisely and at the same time to style & shape with maximum effect!

Discover NOW the EYELASH SPOON from na’e SWISS!

The EYELASH SPOON is placed on the lash line on the lower and upper eyelids, with the smooth, polished side facing forward. Apply the mascara from roots to tips with light pressure on the lashes against the EYELASH SPOON. Combing the eyelashes on the EYELASH SPOON gives you length, maximum volume and a stunning swing-lifting effect. Thanks to the EYELASH SPOON, the eyelashes are perfectly separated without sticking and at the same time the eyelid is protected from smearing. The eyelashes are curved, lifted and perfectly styled in one step.

Technical details

The EYELASH SPOON is made of high quality 18/10 stainless steel. The EYELASH SPOON is attached to the upper as well as the lower part of the eyelid, on the lash line. Thus, the application of the mascara from the lash line to the tips is simplified and made more precise. This shows a visible, intensive lash line thickening.

Special: The EYELASH SPOON is rolled flat several times in the front area of the bowl to ensure a good balance. The spoon lies comfortably in the hand and is balanced.

Material: 18/10 stainless steel, material DIN 1.4301, with 18% chrome and 10% nickel, rust and acid resistant.

Surface: Highly polished including the edges, completely free of burrs

Bowl: The function of the eyelash spoon is the distinctive, unique contour of the upper part, which is adapted to the contour of the left and right eye. In addition to the polish, a 4mm wide edge is given an additional surface treatment by means of a special graphic engraving. This additional work ensures optimal adhesion of the eyelid


Style & Shape Steps:

1. Hold the EYELASH SPOON in your left hand and the brush in your right hand (reversed for left-handers)

2. The structured side of the EYELASH SPOON comes on the outside and the smooth, polished side on the inside.

3. Carefully place the EYELASH SPOON on the upper lid, as close as possible to the lash line.

4. Apply the mascara with your right hand and pull the brush nicely from the roots to the tips of the lashes.

5. For the extra volume effect you can repeat the process with a little pressure.

6. Slide the EYELASH SPOON along the eyelid until you have worked on all of the hairs.

-> Repeat the same process for the lower eyelid and left eye.

Cleaning: Clean the EYELASH SPOON after use with a pad with make-up remover.

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