na’e extreme volume big brush mascara


Sometimes one look in the eyes is worth a thousand words. Let your eyes do the talking, discover the revolutionary na’e mascara! Thanks to the special formula, the Extreme volume big brush mascara gives maximum curl-effect without your eyelashes getting stuck together. Hollywood eyes effect in no time at all! The deep black pigments ensure a maximum color effect and a dramatic eye look. The specially developed mascara formula provides additional length. Make sure, you have an unforgettable appearance with the Extreme volume big brush mascara from na’e.




The unique mascara from na’e has a specially designed, big brush that combs the lashes ideally, from the rim to the tips. Thanks to the deep, black color you will get a maximum color-effect.  Because of the specially developed technology, the eyelashes are separated, whereby the mascara texture is applied evenly and free of lumps. Enjoy the extreme volume effect! For the maximum swing, we recommend using the mascara in combination with the na’e EYELASH SPOON.


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