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How to de-clump your Mascara !

Mascara is an everyday makeup product for many people, to get visible eyelashes, and the best look. We can miss eyeshadow, eyeliner, but we can not miss mascara, it's a must !

But your mascara is a beauty product that can be wear out, damaged easily, that is why it should be changed every 3 months sometimes even earlier, because the liquid dry out before it is time. This is a frustrating results and it often happens by pumping the mascara in and out of the tube, the product dries by pushing air into the bottle.

We would like to help you with this mascara problem, so here is a trick to de-clump your mascara, and use your mascara, without need to buy a new one:

This image shows how to de-clump mascara with eye drops

How to de-clump your mascara :

♡ Find some eye drops or contact lens saline solution

♡ Add some drops into the tube of mascara

♡ Close the mascara with its cap and shake the tube.

♡ Now you can re-use your Mascara, for best eyelashes !

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